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Saturn High-Pressure Stand Up

Spray Tan
That’so TS 765A Autospray (Italian design).

We are the first tanning salon in Markham to introduce the new That’so TS 765A Autospray unit. This revolutionary spray tan unit uses exclusively patented MicroCore Technology to apply the self tan solution. Application time in just 6 seconds for an intense, even, and natural looking tan. The Microcore Technology is used with a patented electrostatic system, which attracts the atomized solution directly to the body, beautifully and evenly. The open design of the unit enhances the quality of the session... no claustrophobia, just the pleasure to wear a tan. The TS 765A Autospray is easy to use, and completely automatic: a voice guides the customer through the session, from the choice of tanning level, to the spray session, until the final drying session.

TS 44MT Spray Gun

That’so Spray Gun (Airbrushing).
By appointment only.

That’so TS 44MT Spray Gun (Trolley) uses an innovative spray system which matches the most innovative technology in a relatively small device, especially suitable for face, décolleté applications, and total body professional sessions.

TS 44 MT uses the same MicroCore Technology as the TS 765A Autospray.  The result is a homogeneous and intensively golden tan.   TS 44 MT Spray Gun Trolley is a mobile professional device with fashionable and extremely accurate design; its 1/8 tube is very flexible which facilitates the movements of the operator for an even and smooth application.