Ultimate Tan 7 is equipped with high-performance and high-pressured sun beds and stand-ups. The beds we use in our salon guarantee that you will achieve a phenomenal tan. Our sunbeds and stand ups are maintained at their optimum with frequent lamp changes to ensure the best results and the highest quality tan for our clients.

Ultimate Tan 7 is equipped with a variety of sunbed and standup designs for all your tanning needs:

Ergoline 1050 Open Sun:
Saturn High-Pressure Stand Up
  • This new high-pressure sunbed has an unique open air design which takes away the “closed-in” feeling of traditional beds
  • newest technology with advanced reflective tanning system and 360 degree coverage helps you achieve the ultimate tan
  • comfort features include multi relax acrylic, body ventilation system, MP3 player dock-in, voice information function, and easy to reach operating controls
  • the best bronzing beds at Ultimate Tan 7

Saturn High Pressure Stand Up:
Saturn High-Pressure Stand Up
  • Manufactured in Italy, unique open concept design
  • This standup is a high-pressure unit and allows more UVA to reach your body which results in a longer lasting and deeper colour
  • the best bronzing Standup at Ultimate Tan 7


Giant Sun/Sungate Bed:
Giant Sun/Sungate Tanning Bed
  • Features include bed contouring, digital time display, strong ventilation system, high and low facial lamps that are adjustable, plus a larger space for comfort
  • This bed was manufactured in Germany and includes 52 reflector lamps, and 4 high pressure facial tanners
  • The extra space provided in this bed ensures that you receive the most even tan a lie down sun bed can offer

Ergoline 800:
  • This innovative, effective, and powerful sunbed will give you the best results, helping you achieve an even, golden brown tan
  • The ergonomic shape and luxurious comfort features of this bed, such as the elevated acrylic panels, temptronic climate control, facial lamps, neck and shoulder tanners and fan system, all contribute to the ultimate tanning experience

220 Stand Up:
220 Stand Up
  • One of the strongest standups at Ultimate Tan 7
  • Located in a spacious room, this bed offers you the most power with its 220w bulbs
  • Over 12,000 watts of tanning power

Starship Stand Up:
Starship Stand Up
  • A step above the extreme and cyclone beds, 6-8X stronger
  • Powerful cooling system
  • Offers more space than the regular stand-up with 360 degree coverage

Ergoline 550:
Starship Stand Up
  • Built with Ergoline’s A.R.T. Advanced Reflective Tanning System with high pressure facial tanners which helps you achieve the best tanning results
  • Comfort features include air conditioning, wide multi relax base acrylic which includes integrated headrest, relaxing armrest, and variable foot rests
  • Easy to use intuitive control panel

Cyclone Stand Up:
Cyclone Stand Up
  • Provides nice even colour for the entire body, especially the upper body
  • 5 sided asymmetrical design to intensify UV output
  • 4X the amount of UVA tanning power than regular beds
  • High power fans help keep you sweat free
Extreme Beds:

Extreme Tanning Bed
  • Our regular sun bed
  • Great for maintaining or building a tan
  • Dual turbo fans with great ventilation